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Engineering Services


Utility projects can be complicated, particularly when internal staff resources are retiring or being outsourced. You need a trusted partner who understands your standards, goals, technical scope, schedule and budget to take on critical operations and management functions and guide your project to successful completion.

OHM Engineers can be your trusted partner. 

We understand the electric utilities market, it is changing dynamics and the cumbersome technical and regulatory issues utilities face when pursuing new projects. We do power system studies, implement design, engineering, testing and commissioning support, owners engineering and compliance solutions for complex initiatives, including transmission and distribution studies, substations, protection and controls, telecommunications, energy efficiency and renewable solar, onshore and offshore distributed energy resource opportunities.

We are well versed in nation’s and our clients’ standards and preferred practices, facilitating efficient project start up, smooth execution and high-quality results. We provide support at any level to match your unique needs and team structure. From strictly design services to full engineering, procurement and construction and program management solutions.  

You can rely on us to solve your problems today and prepare your systems for the grid of the future.

Power System Studies:

High voltage power transmission technology is constantly evolving, making informed decisions can be difficult without expert advice. Our power system experts will ensure the decisions made are informed by the most recent available data and analysis techniques, as well as recent trends and industry practices. 

We have carried out a wide range of studies on many of the world’s major power transmission networks, both HVDC and HVAC.

The types of studies we perform include:

  • Feasibility studies

  • System planning studies

  • Operational planning studies

  • Solar, onshore and offshore wind farm Interconnection Studies

  • Renewable energy integration studies (e.g. wind, solar, storage)

  • Single line design and Equipment specification

  • System restoration studies

  • Power flow, short circuit and dynamic studies

  • Transient stability analysis

  • Electromagnetic transient studies, such as insulation coordination, Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) and resonance studies, and control interaction studies

  • Subsynchronous resonance studies

  • Harmonic analysis

  • Model validation and custom model development

  • AC and DC filter design (performance and rating calculations)

  • Protection setting and coordination studies

  • HVDC electrode design and interference effects

  • Electrical and magnetic effects of DC and AC transmission lines

  • Arc Flash Studies

  • Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) Analysis

  • NERC protection compliance

  • Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC) studies

We are well-versed in a variety of standard and industry-leading specialized tools, including: PSS/E, PSCAD, EMTP, ASPEN, CAPE and ETAP, as well as fully validated specialized software tools we’ve developed in-house.

Whatever your project needs, scale or challenges, you can trust OHM Engineers to optimize the accuracy of your system or equipment, perform the analysis, and work with you to achieve your goals efficiently.


As the critical connection point between your transmission and distribution systems, upgrading substation infrastructure and capacity is essential to keep the lights on in the communities you serve. Whether you are taking on a rebuild, an expansion or a greenfield project, our engineers guide you through all phases of development, from planning through commissioning.

We implement solutions from initial concept, feasibility and planning studies and electrical design to deliver completed integrated/automated substations, switching stations and switchyards.

Our Substation, Switching Station and Switchyard services Includes:

  • Design substations and switchyards through 765 kV

  • Design SVC, HVDC, STATCOM converter stations

  • GIS and Open-Air Design

  • Soil Resistivity Measurement and Analysis

  • Ground Grid Design

  • Equipment sizing & technical speciation preparation

  • Testing and Commissioning Support

  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

  • Owner Engineering and design review

  • Auxiliary System (AC, DC, Battery) Sizing

Protection & Automation:

We will help you take advantage of today’s rapid advances in protection and automation technology to improve performance and ultimately save you time and money. We will carefully study fault conditions and thoughtfully apply right settings to protective relays and their elements to isolate faults and eliminate unnecessary customer outages. We combine expertise in legacy, present-day and emerging technologies with knowledge of the design and operation of power systems. You gain engineering solutions that meet your unique operational goals, using the best sensitivity, selectivity, control and security features of today’s devices.

We can perform coordination reviews that identify practical, economical and proven ways to bring your system up to your standards for safety and dependability. Our independence allows us to recommend solutions tailored to your needs using best-in-class products from a variety of vendors. We understand the sequence of events and oscillographic and reporting capabilities of today’s relays. We deliver configurations that allow you to quickly identify the cause of relay actions. You gain reliability We provide automation, data collection and communication services that can turn your needs into seamless protection, substation integration and SCADA solutions. You gain a safe, highly reliable power system.

The below is the type of services that we can furnish:

  • Logic Diagrams

  • Settings Calculations

  • Operational Guides

  • Short Circuit Studies

  • Relay Settings

  • HMI system engineering

  • Time synchronization

  • Substation HMI

  • Sequential event recorders (SERs)

  • Synchrophasor data collection

  • Remote engineering access

  • Time synchronization

  • Equipment and relay monitoring and control

  • Data trending

  • Network topology design

  • Network switch settings

  • Relaying one-line diagram

  • AC/DC elementary diagrams

  • Panel or enclosure wiring diagrams

  • Bill of material

  • Panel layout drawings

  • Demo drawings for retrofit projects

Owner’s Engineering:

We provide Owners Engineering (OE) Services for Utilities, Generation companies and Renewable developers. As owner's engineer, we operate as an extension of your organization, providing you, the resources you need to develop and manage your next power project. By working in close partnership, we help you achieve success. The below is the type of services that we can furnish:

  • Scoping (including remote ends)

  • Conceptual Design

  • Review & Oversight During Design

  • Ensure design QA/QC methods are applied

  • Ensure adherence to Design Standards

  • RFI Review and Coordination


Effective implementation of renewable energy generation depends on careful analysis and plans. Our renewable energy team provides engineering services on wind (offshore & onshore) and solar projects. Once a project is under way, we work with our full range specialists for design and construction services to support your renewable energy projects.

We work with developers, independent power producers (IPPs) and utilities to develop, design and install wind (onshore & offshore) and solar projects, providing tailored support for your needs in all areas.

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